Wonder why your business isn’t making the cut when submitting tender applications? Read “7 Ways To Win More Tenders”…

1. Get Ready: Be prepared.

Having the supporting documentation ready to submit with your tender will make you organised rather than trying to create documents or find information about your business at the last minute.

Create an in-house library of things you may be asked for – insurance certificates, company policies, case studies of previous work etc.

2. Plan, Plan Plan.

Do not leave the tender to the last minute. Have it ready to be submitted well in advance of the deadline date. There is nothing worse than trying to pull a tender together with lots of supporting documentation within tight timescales. Mistakes can be made and one of these mistakes may be one of the reasons you are losing out on winning tenders.

3. Look The Part.

Show the buyer you are someone they will want to do business with. Make sure your submission is perfect. No silly spelling errors. Brand your company information with your company logo.

4. Don’t Waffle.

Really look at what you are being asked and stick to answering that correctly. Be clear and concise. Don’t be tempted to provide over the top additional information. To make the cut, keep to answering the question in the way the buyer is asking for.

5. Stamp of Approval.

If you haven’t already consider obtaining accreditations to show that you have been externally verified by certain bodies. How does your health and safety measure up? Have you thought about obtaining a certification such as CHAS (there are others out there so not just promoting CHAS)? How can you demonstrate your quality? A lot of tenders ask this question – so if you had ISO9001 accreditation this would help to demonstrate that you are a quality organisation.

6. Ask.

There is usually either a question section if the tender is online, or there may be contact details of the person who is dealing with the tender. If you are unsure about anything just ASK. There will be certain guidelines about how questions are asked – so just follow these rules and you should receive the answer.

7. How Do You Look?

Do you have a website? Is your website up to date? Does it have details of successfully completed projects? Testimonials from happy clients? Keep your website fresh. You never know, the buyers might just might want to take a peek.

And on a final note…

Please do check and recheck your submission. It’s also worth having a second pair of eyes to check it over. Sometimes when you are so embroiled in a tender you could miss information that someone else may spot. Recheck the instructions for submission to ensure you have completed the tender correctly and have all the necessary supporting documentation. And now breathe …

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