How do you set your goals?

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tony-robbins-quoteThis month I revisited my goals for the remainder of 2014 and going into the first half of 2015 – a 12 month plan.  How do you set your goals that will direct your action for the year? I thought I would share with you my system.

I have one KEY PRIORITY that I have set myself for the year and when it happens it will change my life.  From this KEY PRIORITY I have listed TEN AWESOME goals that when they happen within a year it will be absolutely amazing.  These are the things I want to have happen, the things I want to be sure happen and things I’m dreaming will happen.

From this I create my to do list.  This to do list system is based on a training programme I attended many years ago using Microsoft Outlook Tasks although this course was quite specific about inserting actual dates that you will action items on your task list.  I have now changed my achievement dates to THIS WEEK, THIS MONTH, 3 MONTHS, 6 MONTHS AND 12 MONTHS.  Each day I look at THIS WEEK list and determine what I have to get completed that day.  It’s usually the one thing I don’t want to do but know once completed I will feel great.  I have included everything from all areas of my life making sure that they align with my one KEY PRIORITY that when it happens will change my life.  This one KEY PRIORITY is imprinted in my mind and focus at all times. My task list is for all areas of my life, not just business and they align with my KEY PRIORITY.  My list also includes important dates such as car service, birthdays, dental appointments etc.  Yes you’ve guessed I’m a list person but this helps me be more organised.

I don’t just set goals that I know are going to be realized.  I set goals that are tough.

So are you ready to set your goals?  This is a challenge or it can be viewed as an opportunity to change what you don’t like about your business or your personal situation.  Dig deep and imagine how different everything could be in 12 months.  Write it down.  What is your KEY PRIORITY? What ten things of all areas of your business and life do you want to change?  Don’t focus on just your work or your personal life.  You want the goals to reflect your health, finances, family, friends, work and how you want to spend your time and energy.  Create balance.

Goals also need to be specific.  Instead of saying “I want to lose weight”.  Instead say “I want to lose 2 stone”.  Or in business you might say I want my business to be known for being a quality organisation.  Instead say “we will achieve ISO9001 quality accreditation in March 2015”. Goals also have to be measurable.  Set an end date and a way to quantify your success. If you have a different way of setting goals or a different way of creating your to do list I’d love to hear from you.

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