The benefits of ISO 9001 to your business

When clients approach Positive About Business about implementing a certified quality management system such as ISO 9001, we can generally split them into two different camps: obliged and volunteered.

Business owners that feel obliged to implement ISO 9001 do so because their suppliers dictate it, or they’re embarking on the tendering process and feel it will help them win more tenders.

By comparison, business owners that have volunteered of their own initiative to implement ISO 9001 are doing so to improve their business structure and because they want their products and services to project a mark of quality, perhaps to gain a marketing edge over competitors.

Regardless of which camp you belong to, ISO 9001 has clear business benefits and in this article, Louise Percy explores why you should consider a quality management system for your business.

It’s a mark of quality

In a similar vein to the British hallmark on a sterling silver ring, the ISO 9001 logo on your company letterhead and website is instantly recognisable as a mark of quality and projects a positive company image. As the bearer of the ISO 9001 logo, it sends a clear message that ‘customer satisfaction matters’ to your business.

Businesses that have achieved ISO 9001 standards are consistently demonstrating higher quality and service, meeting (or exceeding) delivery expectations, process fewer returned goods, and receive fewer complaints.

It makes commercial sense

Businesses that have implemented a quality management system report that it has saved them time and money, as well as having a positive impact on workplace efficiency. For business owners looking to embark on the tendering process, adopting ISO 9001 allows you to tick a rather big box – public and private organisations are insisting more and more that the suppliers they procure goods and services from have an accredited quality management system in place.

It’s a confidence boost

Accreditation schemes submit your business to regular assessment and testing to ensure you continue to meet certain standards. This builds vital confidence and trust in your business – from customers and suppliers – by providing tangible evidence (quality marks/logo on your letterhead, reports, etc.) that you strive to deliver the levels of quality that clients expect.

It will improve efficiency

At its core, a quality management system is about improving your business processes and ensuring continuous quality improvement so that you meet (or exceed) your customers’ expectations.

By nature, the system provides your senior staff or management team (or both) with structures, procedures, policies and so on – thereby instilling an efficient process in your business, that makes the best possible use of resources, from top management to frontline staff.

Business efficiency improvements can lead to cost reductions which can then drive up your competitiveness. (And when you’re competitive, you become more innovative; and that’s all great for business!)


Would you like Positive About Business to help you implement a quality management system?  Or are you considering implementing any of the other ISO standards in your business?

Louise Percy founded Positive About Business in 2012 to help small and medium-sized businesses start their journey to excellence and improvement.

She specialises in helping businesses achieve health & safety compliance and gain accreditations and standards, so that you can include in tender documents and PQQs.