Affinitas offers engaging and cost-effective marketing and PR solutions to help your business improve relationships with your customers, boost your brand, and become more profitable. 

We provide clients with an overall communications planning service; advising on how your business can benefit from the right mix of marketing and PR tools to get your message across and capture the attention of your intended audience (customers, suppliers, staff, and so on).

To us, it’s all about relationships and those all-important conversations with your all-important customers (and potential customers).


What we Offer?

Convenience: We take on the communications and marketing activity for your business giving you back time to get on with running and growing it.

Cost savings: Hiring an employee to do the work that Affinitas can do is likely to end up costing you more. Hiring an employee means having to fork out for several inevitable expenses that you don’t have to when you hire Affinitas. For example, office space and equipment – everything from a desk and chair to a laptop and mobile; pension contributions; not to mention holiday and sick pay.

Flexibility: Fluctuating workloads are commonplace for a lot of businesses. Not only can we help with this but working with Affinitas offers you greater flexibility in terms of hiring and letting go of staff. Hire Affinitas for a specific length of time, task or project knowing that the contract will end when the job is complete without the trauma, expense, and potential legal trouble that can accompany layoffs.

Greater efficiency: With our expertise and that of the network of individuals who share our passion for communications, you’ll find that we are immediately productive in working for you without the need for costly training or time-consuming induction programmes.

Less red tape: Affinitas works independently of your company and has its own insurances. We don’t have the same rights as employees and therefore can’t make legal claims against you for violating rights such as minimum wage, overtime compensation, time off for illness or maternity, termination of employment, and so on.

Exceptional customer service: Don’t just take our word for it – read the genuine testimonials on our website from happy customers and associates.

Ready to talk it through?

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