Our brand new QR code…

If you have an Android smartphone, download the QR Code Reader app here  – you can start scanning codes like ours to find out a range of information. Alternatively, if yours is an iPhone, the iOS operating system for reading code is pre-built in.

Once you’ve scanned our digital business card, add the link to your Bookmarked sites – all of our contact information is now saved for quick and easy access when you need it. Technology eh?!

Fancy creating a digital business card or something else for your organisation? There are SO many things you can add to your QR code, which makes it brilliant for marketing material. Head to QR Stuff – it’s quick and free!

What can you use your QR Code for?

You can create and store lots of information in your QR Code. Direct people to a landing page by adding the trackable website URL.

Send them to a promotional YouTube Video.

Share all of your social media platforms.

Create an App Store or iTunes download.

Create a digital business card to store your contact number, Skype ID, SMS, Email Address, Business Address, Website & Social Media.

Have an Event you want to promote? Create a vCalender item!

Have a Sale or Special Offer? Create a Paypal Buy Now Link.

I’d love to see what you create. Please do share the location link of your new QR code!