Health and Safety: Could you be doing more?

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Health and Safety: Could you be doing more?

health-and-safety-positive-about-businessPositive About Business believes companies should never cut corners when it comes to health and safety. 

I have seen many examples in the past of poor health and safety practice which has resulted in some near misses or indeed serious accidents. 

Not only is this distressing for you and your employees but the stark reality is that it will cost the company money:

  • spending time filling out accident reports
  • staff off with work related illness
  • temporary staff being required
  • RIDDOR investigations etc.

poor-staff-moralePoor health and safety practice can also have an effect on staff morale

  • If staff know a company is cutting corners that may have an effect on their health and safety
  • I think it is fair to say they will not feel valued

When I work with clients in relation to their health and safety policies and procedures, I engage the services of a competent Health and Safety consultant.

We have a dual role when working with companies:

  • the Health and Safety consultant provides up to date guidance and training
  • Positive About Business develop and maintains the documentation and together with your staff we regularly review and update to ensure compliance with legislation and good practice.

To further enhance the added value I offer to clients, I am in the process of acquiring NEBOSH certification

During my studies I again have heard of potential and disastrous consequences owing to a lack of health and safety management.  These examples and the detailed legislation I have encountered during my studies has again stressed to me that a proactive approach to health and safety is a top priority for companies.

If you continually say “but I don’t have the time to address my health and safety”, imagine the time and money you will have to spend and of equal importance, how you will feel should something happen that could be prevented?

So start today. 

Look at what you are currently doing.

Could you be doing more?