Business is my hobby.  If I am not working on my own or a client’s business I am reading and thinking about it.   I had a few days off last week and spent quality time with my husband and friends in Machrihanish in Scotland.  It was great to just completely switch off and enjoy time away from the laptop.  It was so funny watching our friend’s toddler, Lucy, wandering about in awe of her new surroundings and saying “see it” every time she wanted us to look at what she was seeing.

Whilst enjoying the scenery driving back home I found myself again drifting back into the business mindset.  I was thinking about the plans to grow my current business and other new ideas that I so often think about it but procrastinate and don’t push forward with.  Why is this?  Why do so many business owners have days like these?

I am one of the most positive people I know and regularly practice the Law of Attraction but like most people there are days I just don’t “see it”.  On these days when I am filled with self doubt I just don’t see that anything is possible when it is.  It is possible if you believe in yourself and your brand.  I have come along way since last year being determined to succeed both in business, fitness and personal development.  This is just the beginning.  

I always find that a new month brings new opportunities and here we are today on 1 July 2014 with 6 months of 2014 left before a new year appears. Today I have taken the time to refocus, review my goals and plan out these last few months of 2014.  I have set out weekly, this month, next 3 months and 6 month goals.  It’s time to focus!!

If you would like some assistance with goal setting for your company please get in touch.  Enjoy the lovely picture below – a stop off point from on our journey back home.  I can feel the sand between my toes.

Be Positive!!!

Westport Beach, Campbeltown