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Subcontractor Management

First-class subcontractor management is a lifesaver when dealing with diverse and complex projects. Louise can help you with scheduling, keeping a paper trail of all communications, and provides prompt reporting to keep you updated on subcontractor progress and issues.


Sub-contractors have an important part to play in many industries, and they’re probably more commonplace in the construction industry.

Whether you find yourself facing a skills shortage, or without a pipeline of projects to warrant employing your team, or if you’re looking to reduce operating costs while improving efficiency – sub-contracting elements of a project is often the ideal solution.

But how do you ensure sub-contractors are managed effectively, and don’t pose a risk to your business? How can you ensure, when projects are mounting up and deadlines are looming, that your sub-contractors are working in the best interests of your business?

Positive About Business offers a sub-contractor management service to help busy business owners, like you, project manage their sub-contractors and ensure there is a two-way flow of information.

Business owners that use this service benefit from improved collaboration, and the business interests of both main and sub-contractor are protected.

Under the terms of your business your sub-contractors have certain responsibilities and obligations to meet – just like your employees.

However, unlike your employees, there are other contracts and conditions that must be in place and these are the responsibility of the sub-contractor.

It can be extremely time-consuming to keep track of and manage; not to mention costly should anything go wrong, and the proper policies have not been in place. 

Positive About Business can help by:

  • Ensuring all sub-contractors are aware of their roles and responsibilities in terms of project deliverables, deadlines, etc.
  • Ensuring all sub-contractor application forms are complete and filed securely;
  • Ensuring your public liability insurance (PLI) covers sub-contractors and/or ensure that all subcontractors hold their own insurance and that this is renewed/up-to-date;
  • Collating financial information for invoicing and develop a payment schedule, if required;
  • Two-way sharing of policy documents – for example, health & safety statements, confidentiality agreements, grievance procedures, and so on;
  • Collating and tracking training certificates and industry accreditations, etc. to ensure they don’t expire.

Speak to Louise today about how sub-contractor management could help your business. 

More information on the benefits of having company policies in place can be found in my blog.



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