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Expertise preparing tenders & PQQs: Letting you get on with business

Do you want to win new business? Need help completing time-consuming tenders and PQQs? Looking for guidance on where to start with tenders and PQQs? Or maybe you need to complete documentation to get on a Main Contractors Approved List?

what's involved?

You say, “Tenders and PQQs are a nightmare for business, I simply don’t have the time to invest but want to grow my business”.

We say, “No problem! We’ll identify the information you need, monitor the portals for new opportunities, and create your document pack for submission”.

Louise has worked with businesses just like yours to prepare them for tender and PQQ submissions, or improve existing ones. We can:

Review completed submissions and provide feedback. 

Complete documentation on your behalf.

Ensure the required documentation we’re submitting is in a corporate, consistent, and professional format.

Prepare a portfolio of your company with all the necessary documentation required for future submissions.

Getting the price right is just part of the work involved; ensuring the submission is top-quality can be the hardest challenge. Our tips?

Be confident about your pricing structure, and overhaul it, if necessary.

Get to know your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.

Identify what sets your business apart from the competition.

Use the “So What?” method! What is this? Don’t waffle. Keep your submissions clear and concise.

Looking for a safe pair of hands to help with tenders and PQQ submissions?

Louise has worked with many businesses throughout the UK, crafting the best Tender/PQQ submissions for chosen bid opportunities. Louise can also train your staff in the process and provide advice on what works, and what doesn’t.

If you’ve been putting off bidding for contracts because of the time and effort you think it will expend, take advantage of a free 30-minute consultation with Louise to see how she can smooth the process for you.

Get in touch with Louise today!



Louise works with you (and your bid team) to develop winning tender and PQQ submissions

YOUR bid/submission

Submission instructions come in many formats. You may be required to complete an online application, sometimes via a specific portal or an email submission with a request for specific company information and documentation.

If you do not have all or some of the additional information required, Louise can work with you to create your missing information.

At the end of the submission, Louise will provide all of your documentation in an electronic version for you to save on your system. Louise can also provide a support agreement to help you with accessing bid portals, and generating future bid documentation.


Each Tender/PQQ is different. Some ask for a lot of supporting documentation. Some don’t. Some involve working in a portal completing an application and uploading documentation. So if you have a Tender/PQQ that you want to complete, you would simply send to Louise for review and she can provide you with a quotation. Again, if you have missing documentation, please get in touch for your bespoke quote.

important information

Please note Louise will not provide advice on the Pricing Submission for tenders.

Who Do I Work With?

Positive About Business works with many different types of companies, across a range of industry sectors. We consider the construction industry to be a particular speciality.


One of the best marketing tools for a small business is first class feedback from happy business owners, however, word of mouth referral is how I obtain 90% of my client base. And I think that speaks volumes.

Louise has been assisting us with the completion of PQQs and tenders since May 2015. Louise has put in systems to simplify the process and produced the relevant documentation we require for our submissions.

If you haven’t read Louise’s blog post “7 Ways to Win More Tenders”, we suggest you do!

John Harkess

Contracts Director, CEP Demolitions Limited


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